Available light photo of femaile holding scales  - on back wall of Palace of Justice court building in Rouen France, photo by Richard Morris, US lawyer

Searching for provenance of painting on the left:

The painting on the left is hanging at the Palais de Justice (court house) in Rouen, France. The photo of the painting was taken in September 2010, and in November 2010, Richard Morris the photographer reported in email that "The painting is by: J. Lavaud.  No title or date.  My sister-in-law got it by returning to the Palais de Justice, and this is written on the painting itself.  There was an hearing on a rape trial at the time, and she was unable to ask anyone." [yet another demonstration that his historic 500 year old building still serves as a functioning court house, LawyersWorld.org editor's comment 2010.11.16]

* * * * *

Download Video Documentary on the Provenance and Maintenance of the City of Rouen Historic Court House, begun in 1498 and today one of foremost examples of late Middle Ages architecture in France

The following video mini documentary was produced by lawyer and author Richard Morris, November 14, 2010, who travelled through France in September 2010 and took photos and created this video as a pro bono project for www.LawyersWorld.org

Rouen-Court-BB.wmv (an 11 meg. file)

Note:  the photo to the left of this text is one of the paintings hanging in this historic building.

Sept. 22, 2010 Update from Richard Morris

Photo of Richard Morris working on his laptop commputer while on TGV French Bullet  Train wainting to return to Paris.

[accompanying photo of Bullet Train above] "I am in Bayonne, France, heading back to Paris today. Coming here 2 days ago we learned 4 hours into the trip of 5 1/2 hours that our train was targeted by Muslim terrorists.  But, the French stopped the attack. Photo attached is me working on the TGV (bullet train).

Today, we face the challenge of getting back to Paris in the face of a one-day (today) strike in France.  Nice place to visit.  Dick"

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